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Flowers are an indispensable thing in their versatility. First, it's a guaranteed way to lift your mood. Almost like chocolate, only without risk to the figure. Secondly, the bouquet will always be a pleasant and appropriate gift. And the best decoration than flowers, we still need to look. In a cold winter, when the surrounding world seems gray and dull, a bright bouquet will add vital energy. And already summer and at all would lose half of its attractiveness, do not be in it flowers. The magnificent garden flowers admire their exquisite beauty, and the field of field delights the eye with a real outbreak of colors and shades. However, not everyone is convinced that many flowers, even those that are common to us chamomile and forget-me-not only beauty, may be beneficial to health. The same chamomile, for example, is simply indispensable in folk medicine. Even a simple walk around a flower bed with a camomile has a beneficial effect on the body - its tart flavor relieves headaches and normalizes pressure. Field flowers of all shades of blue, blue and purple - forget-me-nots, irises, bells, cornflowers - are useful for sight. Admiring the scattering of blue flowers, especially against the background of emerald grass, you help the eyes to remove fatigue and tension. And garden geranium, which begins to bloom in the early spring and ends only with the first frosts, is a wonderful antiseptic and helps with inflammation. In addition, her fragrance helps to overcome insomnia and soothes the nervous system. Normal motherboy is not in vain is the direct relative of the spice "oregano". Her spicy and rich flavor is not only pleasant, but also has a calming effect. In addition, essential oils contained in the mother tongue - a natural "inhalation" for the prevention of colds. Another great anti-inflammatory drug is violet. Tea from her flowers will help with irritation of the skin and dermatitis. Flowering in the middle of the summer the St. John's Wort - almost a panacea for skin diseases, wounds and burns. The tincture of flowers from the St. John's Wort will help stop the bleeding, remove inflammation, protect from infection and accelerate healing of the wound. However, do not forget that many trees in their useful qualities are by no means inferior to the colors. So, the divine aroma of citrus has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. However, if we talk about disinfection, coniferous trees will easily give an opportunity to anyone. Let the cypresses not be able to please us with the beauty of our flowers, but the air in such a forest will always be cleaner than in a sterile hospital operating room. At the same time, flowers are another reminder of how insolent beauty can be. Some of them can be harmful to health, and in some cases even dangerous to life. Moreover, it is not about tropical exotic, but those plants that grow alongside us. For example, a polystyrene humpback is a very, very unpretentious plant that blooms in August. Small white-yellow flowers are collected in ketigas and on a large bush look pretty pretty. Even cases are known when, due to the ignorance of ambrosia, they were planted on beds in schools and kindergartens. During blooming, ambrasia forms clouds of pollen, which is an extremely strong allergen, against which there is no anti-allergen. Pollen of ambergrisis causes irritation, rhinitis and dangerous asthmatic attacks, even in healthy people, and for asthmatics it can be fatal. Ambrosia itself is a weed that has been brought from North America. Due to its indistinctness grows well in the zones which "the human hand has touched" - along the transport highways, railways, on emptying grounds, abandoned fields. The flowers captivate us with their beauty so that we sometimes can not even guess how little we know about them. Although they do not hide their secrets at all from those who want to learn more about them. First, you just have to figure out what colors should be "friends", and from which - to stay away. After all, it not only enriches us with new knowledge, but also helps to make the summer much more pleasant and useful.