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Fountains - perhaps the most romantic water facilities. Psychologists say they calm nerves and symbolize eternity. No wonder that the flow of water can be seen endlessly. And in the summer they not only perfectly recharge with positive energy, but also save from heat. There are many fountains in Ukraine that are impressive with its architectural form and unusual design. "Ukrainian Interest" has prepared for you the top 10 most beautiful fountains that are worthy of attention. "Pearl of Love" in Uman This year, in Uman, the largest light-and-musical fountain in central Ukraine appeared. It is located in the park of Taras Shevchenko and in the city of Ostashivskyi. According to specialists, he entered the three largest fountains in Ukraine. Its highest jet of water reaches 19 meters, and additional - about 1.9 meters. The main bowl of the building has an area of ​​450 meters square, and the area of ​​the water screen - 200 meters square. The main theme of the animation of the fountain is love. He was named "Pearl of Love" by way of an open online voting. Now the fountain is considered one more business card of the city of Uman. You can come and see it by the end of October. Roshen Fountain in Vinnitsa Another light and musical fountain is located in the city of Vinnytsia. Roshen was opened in 2011 and named in honor of the confectionery factory, which is nearby. Its uniqueness is that it was built in the course of the Southern Bug River. The length of the building - 97 meters, width - 10, and the height of the central jet - 63 meters. For the winter, the design is simply lowered to the bottom of the river. Floating Fountain "Roshen" is recognized as one of the most spectacular in Europe. Highly engineered technology and well-chosen lighting provide an incredible water show. The projector, audio system, submarine lights, lasers create a whole performance from live water, falling waves and classical music. Admire this miracle from April until the end of October. Fountain "Sadko" in Sumy Sadko Fountain was built in 1985. In 2010, it was completely renovated. Instead of the old marble slabs Sadko2 was covered with red granite with black splashes. It is considered one of the symbols of the city. At night, artificial water is highlighted. The building is located in the city center. Sadko himself is a fantastic superhero, about which there are many stories. His figure is decorated with a fountain from above, further water pours down the cascade. "Big" and "Small" fountains on the Independence Square in Kyiv An updated complex of fountains on Independence Square is definitely an ornament of the capital. The fountain did not work three years after it was damaged during the Revolution of Dignity. During the reconstruction, he was actually made anew. There are 75 pump units, 18 speakers, and more than 600 LED lighting fixtures. The height of the highest jet of the "Great" fountain reaches 35 meters, in the center of "Small" fountains - 15 meters. The fountain plays mainly classical music and compositions that the Kyivites chose during the voting. Working hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 to 23:00. Music and light support are available from 21:30 until 23:00. Rusaniv fountains in Kiev Fountains on Rusanivka appeared in the 70's of the last century. Then they even illuminated, and the jets beat up to a height of 30 meters. In 2012, when the equipment was taken out of the fountains for the winter, it turned out that the construction of waterfalls came to an end. The next year, 2013, they were not launched yet. In May 2016, the first stage of updated fountains on the Rusanivsky canal was launched. He hits a height of 30 meters, has light and musical support. Work mode: enjoy the light, and the musical show can be on Friday and Saturday, as well as holidays. Pedestrian fountain in Lviv A pedestrian fountain, which was made without a pool, works on the Customs Square in Lviv, so it was conventionally called "dry". The pool is arranged in one level with a granite cobble, the water hits up from 25 injectors. Thus, realized the concept of interactivity, which allows you to contact with water: pass between jets, splash, make cheerful photos. Light Musical Fountain in Odessa The light musical fountain is located on the seafront in Arcadia. This is the first singing fountain in Odessa and the second in Ukraine. Every evening, in the huge pool, dozens of colorful water jets flutter upwards in the form of unusual figures. In addition, you can take a stroll through the famous Arcadia Alley. Fountain "Cascade" in Ternopil The "Cascade" fountain appeared in Ternopil in 1972. After that, it was reconstructed twice - in 2008 and 2013. It is located near the Ternopil castle. In the people it is called "Tears of Gronsky". According to legend, the architect Eduard Gronsky, who designed the fountain, was judged during the time of the Union for too avant-garde trends in the design of the facility. Although the official version of the court is significantly different from these translations. The structure of the upper fountain and the waterfall is being built. On the upper part of the water rises upwards, and then flows down the stairs. Photo: Norton The main fountain of Ivano-Frankivsk Constructed and opened