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This bridge is truly a unique monument of London, because such a building can not be found anywhere else in the world. The tower bridge consists of two towers built in the Gothic style, connected by dividing spots and pedestrian galleries, allowing to freely cross to the other side of the river. The history of the Tower Bridge https://clout.com.ua/Tourism bridge - the only split bridge on the Thames and the first bridge in the direction of the North Sea. Interestingly, the Tower Bridge in London is closest to the Thames surface. The appearance of this architectural masterpiece is also of interest. Once upon a time the bridge was dark brown, but in 1977, before the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II, it was symbolically painted in the national colors of Britain - red, white and blue. At the same time, you can see the red color only while in the vicinity of the bridge. In the evening, when the blue light is lit, the bridge turns into a particularly beautiful, fabulous place. It is not difficult to guess that its name was given to the Town Bridge due to its location. One of the walls of the famous London prison practically rests in cities from the north, and the trail passing through the city surrounds the eastern wall of the Tower. Tower Bridge Architecture https://clout.com.ua/Tourism bridge in London was built relatively recently - in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the London East End was rapidly expanding, and the population was having difficulty crossing the Thames River. At first, under the channel of the river it was planned to let the subway trains, even a duct was dug, which for some time was used as a pedestrian crossing. When it became clear that the tunnel was still uncomfortable, the city authorities arranged a competition for the construction of the bridge. To consider variants of the future construction, a special commission was organized. The Horace Johns project, which made the bridge the way we see it today, was chosen from more than fifty variants. It is curious that Commandant Tauer, who occupied this post at that time, opposed the construction of a bridge in this place. Nevertheless, the decision to erect the buildings was nevertheless accepted, however, with one condition - the bridge should be in harmony with the architecture of the Tower itself. Construction began in 1886 and lasted about 8 years. The grand opening, which took place in 1894, was led by the Prince of Wales Edward and his wife Alexandra. Tower Bridge - London https://clout.com.ua/Technical characteristics only fix the Tower Bridge status of the London monument. The design of the breeding is powered by a powerful hydraulic mechanism. Initially, the whole system functioned only on coal and steam. More than twenty tons of coal were burned in the furnaces in order to maintain the life of this beautiful building from within! To unload this amount of fuel served as a crane. The water directly from the Thames filled with huge reservoirs under pressure, from which it was then applied to the rotary mechanism, causing it to move. A genial engineering solution for that time! However, the technology does not stand still. In 1976 the bridge was equipped with electric motors and oil hydraulics. Walking galleries of the Tower Bridge https://clout.com.ua/   As already mentioned, galleries were planned in order to ensure the smooth movement of pedestrians even when the bridge was raised. The height of the galleries is 45 meters above the water surface. Just imagine what a great impression this miracle of engineering gave to people of that time! In order to quickly deliver the human stream to the top, the bridge towers were equipped with elevators that accommodated up to 40 people. One of them worked only on the rise, the other - on the descent. Also in the towers were screw stairs. As is known, in 1910 the galleries became the place of accumulation of thieves and prostitutes, therefore they had to be closed. They became available again to visitors only in 1982. Now pedestrian galleries serve as observation grounds, because from this height a truly beautiful view of the capital of England opens. In addition, they have an official museum dedicated to the Tower Bridge. In it you can explore photos depicting bridge construction. In addition, the general public presented the mechanisms that in the past provided the functionality of this stunning structure.